Marketing & Social Media

This day and age marketing online is the way to go. Social media is the top method for advertising your product around from connection to connection. You have the ability to add "Like IT! Tweet IT! Pin IT!" feature to each one of your products to add the extra promotion. Providing your cusotmers with gift cards, discounts, or Daily Deals keeps the customer enticed to your store and have them coming back again and again. The customer is also able to see product reviews and ratings along with their recently viewed product. A newsletter subscription to your store allows customers to be kept up-to-date with new products and recent sales.



  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Custom Coupons/ Discounts
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Gift Cards
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Send page to Facebook friend
  • Post items on Facebook
  • Like on Facebook
  • Tweet to Twitter
  • Pin to Pintrest
  • Create and send Wishlists
  • Ebay Shopping
  • Daily Deals
  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Recommendations
  • Recently Viewed
  • Product Ratings
  • New Items Promotions
  • Full Product Description in HTML



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